Thursday, May 1, 2008


I won't be writing much this weekend either. Me and the Hubby are going to DFW to visit family and to march for medicinal MJ. I don't even want to get into a debate on that one though! (I've had 5+ family members with cancer, my mom and aunt were the two that passed away from it, one family member with a host of illnesses - every arthritis known to man along with Parkinson's MS and fibra mialgia (sp?), one with it's an important issue to me) But, if anyone is interested in learning more about any of it email me!

OK, to get to the point. The big question is: how am I not going to be able to eat my mother in laws oh so good, southern, home cooking? lol. I guess I'll eat smaller portions, try to eat lower carb (if possible), and take walks with my puppy. I'm still having a hard time sticking to strict rules, but I'm making progress. I didn't get a chance to make dinner Tuesday night, so I ordered tilapia topped with lobster sauce and asparagus. SO yummy, but I don't want to even know the calorie content. (ok, if i'm honest I also split a desert with my friend...and I was doing so well before the desert). But, are these seemingly good things really good for you? I'm almost better not knowing since it's WAY better than the usual meal I get, but I'm curious. And, if I'm going to make educated choices I should probably educate myself, huh?


Lasserday said...

have fun on vacation and march, march, march! :) maybe just try to focus on your body's signals about fullness, since you will be surrounded by high cal foods. :) have fun!