Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Ok. So, I'm one pound up, but that could be because 0f anything. So, I'm hovering at the same weight. I would be upset, but I'm only starting to make better choices...and some of them this weekend were not so good. I have some good ideas from all of you lovely people, so thanks. And, I rediscovered my love of Mediteranean food. I know some of it isn't so good for you (we can make anything bad), but a lot of it is good for you and mmmm yummy. I didn't get the march thing going unfortunately (long story, but I am writing to congressmen and women and also helping inform whoever is intersted in my hubby...that probably does more good. you should have heard the nasty comments from people in the streets). It's a new week though, so here are my goals.

Exercise: I will not whine :) Well, I will not whine while I plan to devote a half hour/day to some sort of activity. Desired activities include: walking with my doggie, going to the gym, doing a video, some activity with the hubby.

Food? Well, I will eat a salad, fruit or veggies with every meal. I know what you're thinking...you don't already? Nope...but, I will start this week. Every meal. It helps that I'm starting my doggie on a snack of carrots or apples (she has digestive issues...hopefully it helps).

General disposition: I think I need an exercise to get a better outlook with myself. A defeatist attitude won't get me where I need to go. I need to realize that I'm good and beautiful no matter what, but that I'd like to be healthier. It's hard. So, I will read 2 chapters in my compulsive eating book, and maybe some other gushy, psychology stuff (like look in the mirror and try to see the things I like instead of the things I don't).

I'll let you know how this goes!


sybilizedliving.wordpress.com said...

I read somewhere this week that the scale is just a random number generator. I like that idea! I mean sure, it's a way to measure but I think as a rule, we get too wrapped up in the numbers.

Your goals for the next week sound great. Extra veg and a bit of exercise....habits that seem small really DO add up. I'm rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

Good attitude! That one pound & more will come off! Good luck on your goals this week!

Anonymous said...

hiya! this post yesterday on one of my favorite blogs, might just be helpful for you...it was helpful for me. don't miss the links inside the post, those are great, too! :)