Friday, May 30, 2008

working out

I've gotten to love how I feel after working out. My blood is pumping, I breathe easier, not to mention fitting into cuter clothes :) I just feel great. The problem (don't I alwyas have one...hehe): every minute I'm on the eliptical machine I feel tortured. It didn't start out that way, it's just something that's developed the past couple times. I loved it before. It's the best fast pace cardio I can do, but still easy on my joints. But, I loath every second right now. I'm excited before hand and definately afterwards, but not during. I can do weights, I can walk (fast pace) to my heart's content and be sad when it's done, but cardio machines are torture to me. I've tried watching tv, listening to my ipod, not looking at the clock...all to no avail. The only thing I remember working is going to my school's gym where they have tvs and head phones on each machine. Fancy, huh? :) I don't know why that makes a difference, but somehow it does.

What do you all do to get your blood pumping and semi-quickly pass the time? I want to increase my time on the machine (from 30), but I can hardly stand the time I'm on it now. If I don't find a solution soon I'll have to go to school again!! And, who wants to use public showers? Gross.


Gayla said...

I completely understand what your saying. I get completely bored about five minutes into walking on the treadmill. So, I have found that I work out best listening to Dave Matthew band. Don't know why, I just do.

Irish Mom said...

When you (or anyone else) figures this out, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!

I get bored walking, but do lots better when my 3 year old is on her bike and I am trying to keep up with her.

Great job on the exercise, I hope you are logging all your steps for our Healthy Walkers Challenge!!

And I agree with the public showers, ICK!!

Abi said...

Something that helps me pass the time is imagining myself at goal.

Sometimes it is hard at first but I start thinking of cute outfits - how glam I am going to feel and before I know it I am not paying attention to the time!

But, I think we all get bored from time to time - If my *fantasying* doesn't keep me going I usually switch it up between classes, and running the track.

Just remember that the boredom will pass - but the fat won't! Good luck!