Thursday, May 8, 2008


The hubby's meal was GREAT! He made a low fat baked potato dip for chips (like a loaded potato, only mixed up and creamy....SO good), mediterranean pizza (yum), and a fruit type of pie with a gram cracker crust, low fat pudding, and some fruits strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries) with a gnosh (sp?) sauce type of thing. The whole meal was @ 700 calories. If this is what happens when he cooks, sign me up!

I realized something last night. It's something most people know, but that I'm learning. I can say no to myself. And, life will be ok. It's just that easy. You see, I ruminate about food. Constantly. I'm always looking to the clock for when I can eat again. Sometimes I can wait, but most of the time I just give in and eat on the spot. The problem is that it's never enough...I'm never satisfied because the compulsive thoughts don't ever go away. But, last night I told myself "You ate a great meal, you're not hungry, don't need it so eat in the morning. The food will still be there tomorrow." It was anxiety that usually happens (like, what, if I don't eat it now it will dissappear?). No guilt. I feel pretty good about it this morning :)
The power is slowly becoming mine instead of the food ruling me.

I was thinking...instead of thinking I deserve to eat this or that because I worked hard, or I ate better the rest of the day...why not "I deserve to be healthy and fit!" Maybe that will be my new mantra :)


Felicia said...

I say go with the new one *grin* You DESERVE to be happy and healthy and out there doing what you do!