Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Body Image Blog

I know most of you already read Miz Fit's blog (especially as I've met several of you on her site), but in the off chance there is one of you out there...there is a new blog that she and others out there have put together about body image and accepting you for you! You can find it here. It touches on all the issues I have with the hidden intent I had for title of my blog (said it was for being healthier, but if I'm being real then I'd admit it wasn't entirely true). Or the desperation that we feel to be perfect and thin. With the struggles I'm still having even though I talk the talk. Being a better you or more like doing what you want to be doing...that's one thing, but trying to be perfect and equating that with thin? Nope. What I've read so far...inspiring, controversial, supportive, and right on the track I believe is most important.


Dr. Wifey said...

thanks for the link - just added it to my reader :)

Crabby McSlacker said...

Looks like a great new site! Hope they keep it up long after the panel is over.

Diana said...

Me too, Crabby!

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana and All: Nice to find your site, you have me cracking up already.

MizFit and I, plus the other contributors presented our panel today. I think we did well- we were ourselves, and had a great discussion with the other bloggers who were there, even shed a few tears together!

So far we have had a great response on the blog, so keep reading and be sure to lend your point of view....its quite unique to have such a diverse group together..interesting thing is we are all much more alike than we think!

Goodnight, long day!
aka mamaV from wearethrealdeal