Tuesday, July 21, 2009

French Fries :)

I'm looking for healthier recipies all the time. Ones that taste good. I found one for my beloved french fries. YAY.

I love french fries (in case you've forgotten the last time I mentioned it..like every month!). I have issues with staying away. It's a problem. BUT, I found a healthier version that I actually like better. Easy stuff. Just cut up a potato. Toss in olive oil and salt. Bake @ 375-400 each side for 8-10 mintues. Tada. Now, if you find a healther version of Ketchup please let me know! One that tastes good might help as well :)

Is there a place that you go to get healthier recipies? What's your favorite? I would love to know! I have a couple of sites, but not a lot that are realistic for my life style, budget, etc.


Dr. Wifey said...

i LOVE french fries dowsed in ketchup. more like fries with my ketchup. don't you wish there was a french fry diet? your version sounds great! i found some low sugar ketchup by Heinz that is good (trust me, I am a ketchup connoisseur! LOL

Diana said...

Great. Thanks! Will look for it! I've tried the organic Heinz, which has no HF corn syrup, but not the low sugar. Will do :)

And, yes, if they had a french fry diet I'd be in HOG HEAVEN!

The Happy Runner said...

I love FFs SOOOOO much, too! I make the baked version whenever I have them at home and then I let myself order the deep fried version when I'm out to eat, as a treat.

Felicia said...

Wiz up some salsa till smooth. YUMMY! We leave it chunky thought =0)

Lisa said...

Sounds good and I can also get in my healthy oils! thanks!

Crazylady said...

Home made fries.. always the best ! :) Try sprinkling with some garlic, paprika and chilli powder before cooking for a different spicier taste!! Deeeeelish!!

As for recipes I'm sure some-one prob mentioned it before but in case not this site has to be top of the list!!