Monday, July 13, 2009

Complaining and working on things

That title is funny. I don't mean that I'm complaining here (that's a first! lol), what I mean is that it is something I'm working on. Felice over at the happy runner posted the other day that she was going complaint free. What? Complaint free? As in no bitching, complaining or being disgruntled? It sounded easy enough, but deceptively so. I immediately knew I had to try it. After all, I posted back in the day that I thought my friend complaining about her now husband was causing issues with me and my hubby. It does spread, and only perpetuatues more unhappiness and, well, more complaining!

I expected it to be a little difficult. I didn't expect just how difficult it would be! I find myself doing it all the time. I found little to say to a friend the other day when we hung out. Very sad. And, it's been creeping in. Doesn't help that I was attempting it at that tom. Still.

So, I'm working on not being disgruntled. Part of the problem may be that I didn't have a contingency plan. But, what do you do instead? I've started doing slow, deep breathing techniques when I'm stressed. But, in everyday story telling? It all just sounds like complaining. When I figure out a good alternative activity I'll let you know! ;)

I'm also starting up a self esteem booster journal (a book I bought...helps with that respect). It's to try and correct some things I'm not so happy about in my life. Stopping the negativity talk and being so hard on myself. I would like to relax, believe in myself, and be happier all around. I think this is a step in the right direction. Just like I said a while back (a week ago? who knows...I could look, but eh..), my food issues (most people's too?) stem from a lot of other issues. It's a symptom, not an entity of its own. So, I'm working on it. Maybe the no complaining pact will help.

So, have you ever tried not complaining? Have you thought about it at all? Have you conquered that issue already? Inquiring minds want to know :) If not, I suggest you do it...if only for a couple of days.


Dr. Wifey said...

gosh, i probably would have nothing to say! LOL in general i try not to complain too much, especially at home to hubby. i have grown up with a family of complainers and realize how unattractive it is

Mama Bear June said...

It can be fun to try to turn trials into triumph. A good exercise is listing your blessings. Once you really start thinking about it, there are always positives for which to give thanks. Starting a gratitude journal is a great way to combat the grumpies.
Path to Health

Miz said...

I love the word DISgruntled because it makes me smile when I think OK TODAY I SHALL SO BE GRUNTLED all day.
no whining.

I was raised by a constant lamenter---so I work, daily, not to be that.

The Happy Runner said...

Yay for you!!!!!!!!!

It is HARD work, Diana. HARD! No joke! But, I'm starting to find that my being aware of the complaining, I'm cutting it off and it's making me realize that the thing either isn't really worth complaining about, OR that there is something I can do about it. Then I try to do something. Or not!

I've been complaining about this one client for a while b/c they haven't been paying me on time. I just complained and complained -- but never to them! So, I decided I either had to call them and ask them to get on the ball w/my payments, or just accept that they pay slowly. Since I can't bear to confront anyone, I accepted it. TWO DAYS LATER my check arrived!!!!

Keep up the good work!

(And, btw, thanks for the link! I don't mind at all, of course!)

Lisa said...

I don't think I would ever talk if I stopped complaining! lol

- Lisa

Felicia said...

OK I had this huge wonderful comment and stupid blogger ate it ( did I ever mention that word verification thing sucks!) anyways lol the long and short of it was I agree and you go girl and woo hoo! Change your mind change your day etc...

Will come back and retype what I had later as I am supposed to be feeding my son but nope here I am instead LOL


Crazylady said...

Challenge accepted! I guess complaining to and about myself silently in my head counts too eh?! This could be very difficult :)