Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fruit and veggies

Did I tell you I started Yoga? I have a video that I'm doing. I think it'll really help with feeling better on the inside. And outside. Keep the angry monkey away :) I just started though, so we'll see later. Everything works well the first couple of weeks, doesn't it?

Onto the title of this post. Veggies and fruits. Ah, beloved fruits are no issue. I love them. And, I have a ton of ideas on how to incorporate more. Is it really that hard? Eat them plain, in pancakes, in smoothies, in oatmeal...the list goes on and on. Blueberries, strawberries, mangos, grapes, oranges...yummmy! But, veggies? Eeeeek.

Would it really be that bad if I get most of my servings from fruits and for the most part ignore the veggies? After all, they're usually lumped together, so I can just chose to get it all from fruit. NO? Ok. But, I have a hard time getting in the veggies. I know some of you struggle with this as well as I've read you say the same things!

Some things I've done. Lately I'm *fairly* into an "oriental" salad with chinese cabbage as the base. Totally yummy, with a home made dressing and you toast almonds with ramen noodles, then add the packet (although I'm thinking adding 1/2 the packet would be healthier AND better tasting). There's baby carrots, but I need them with ranch...which I hear isn't the best! OH, and using romain leaves for the "shell" of a burrito/taco thing. That one is my new favorites I've been eating fairly regularly...dont' forget the picante sauce! yum. And then there's squash. I just got that and am excited about it. It cooks great in the indoor grill (you know who's :) with just a little bit of salt, pepper and olive oil. OH, and spinach and fetta "pizzas". Cook them on a flat bread in the oven. Totally good, and if you use fresh spinach leaves it gives it a great texture and not too soggy. That's really all I've got. It's all great on it's own, but what about sneaking it in every day?

Do you struggle with veggies as well? (I just pictured y'all arm wrestling broccoli...hehe...I hope you win!) What tips do you have for "sneaking" it in?


Felicia said...

Nope no struggle here. I could live on veggies alone. Never met a veggie I didn't like lol. Although I have to say that carrots are probably not on my top 5 list. I live on tomato/basil/mozz cheese salads. Or cucumber/tomato/onion/parsley/basil/balsamic vinagr/ feta salads. We eat tons of broccoli and cauliflower. Really at least J and I are huge veggies eaters. Dale not so much but I blame his mother for that. He is coming over to the "veg side" slowly lol.

I think you just have to decide that its not that you don't like them but that you just haven't cooked them the right way that you like!

Oh and I do not like "crisp" cooked veggies. I like then soft. My favorite way to eat broccoli is steamed soft and then "fried" in a pan with a bit of olive oil and soy sauce till they start to brown a bit. O M G yum! We roast them a LOT too.

Anyways lol me veggie eater. Me wuv veggies... Fruit, while good is PACKED with sugar ( yes natural but that doesn't make it still good ya know lol). I don't eat a lot of fruit anymore but do enjoy a good watermelon on a hot day.

Later Tater!

Diana said...

Crap. Go smack talking my beloved fruit now Felicia! lol.

I can't eat broccolli :( It's my favorite too. It causes - ok I'll just say it - gas. Gas so bad my belly cramps.

The rest I'll just have to get learn to like I suppose.

Dr. Wifey said...

i love veggies! sorry i can't give you any tips LOL

The Happy Runner said...

Arm wrestling veggies . . . ha!

I lurve my veggies, I really do! I often eat a big bowl of broccoli for lunch (with a little bit of cheese melted on top). Love it.

But, if you don't love them, slowly trying to incorporate them into your diet is the way to go! You'll develop a taste for them!

Crazylady said...

I'm pretty ok with veggies. Variety I think is the key. I love my veg to be crunchy instead of cooked to mush so stir-fries are great. I mostly use mixed frozen veg but roasted fresh carrot, parsnip and zucchini is another really yummy option. Sprinkle with garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper and then drizzle with olive oil and roast til nice and crispy. Yum! Butternut squash fried are great too... Roni has a good recipe for them on green light bites.

Keep experimenting and trying out new veg recipes till you find a few options you really like and can come back to again and again.