Saturday, July 18, 2009


I was told yesterday that my puppy more than likely had distemper and would die yesterday within 2-24 hours. I'm completely grateful they were wrong.

Our new puppy was acting weird. She was bobbing her head back and forth (so not really bobbing, but lack of a better word) and almost falling over when she was sitting. Took her to a new vet (ours couldn't get her in) and that's what they said. It would be hours. I was devistated. Completely. Layed on the couch with her all morning and afternoon. @ 4 we got her up to eat and drink. Immediately after she played with her sister and acted normal. Same again today. Our vet (got her in this morning) said it may have been a pesticide or herbicide. Crazy. Just to be careful, she's not allowed to go for walks until after Monday when she gets her booster.

I can't imagine having a non-fur baby. I doubt I could handle all the stress! We won't even talk about emotional eating!


Diana said...

So, all in all it's a pretty awesome day :) My girls are healthy and safe, the family is the same. Yesterday was aweful, but today is a great day :)

Merry said...

Oh, I'm so glad she's better!

Dr. Wifey said...

YAY! close call - so happy she is ok

carla said...

OMG great news!

My friends hate when I say, as I do frequently, that having a kid really isnt that different from having a dog :)

The Happy Runner said...

OMG -- what a scare! I hope the pup is OK for good!

Miz is right. I mean, it is different, but so so similar. The love you have for a pet can be so strong. When my cat died last summer, I was a big blob of a mess for weeks. It was pathetic!

Felicia said...

My dogs have always been "my kids". And I thought the same way before having J. Now the dog is a dog LOL and even though I will be heart broken when he's gone, and do treat him as the second child, I don't lose sleep over him any more like I do over J worrying.

Thanks to a bad vet we now deal with diabetes on a daily basis so trust me when I say I totally understand sticking with "your own vet" and the fear and worry that comes with a sick puppy.

I am glad she is doing so much better. And that you are doing better too *grin*. Now... lets talk about that emotional eating!! HAHAHAHAHA

Hope you are having a wonderful week!!


Crazylady said...

Awwww... so glad it worked out ok!!!

Anonymous said...

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