Tuesday, July 28, 2009

boredom eating

I have posted about the being left alone with my thoughts issue before, but a blog or article I read a week or two ago (if it was you...I apologize...I really can't remember. note to self, write immedately after a thought provoking post is written! Cite it too!!) was talking about when and why people over eat. More specifically, they were saying that boredome eating is not just boredom eating. That it is another form of emotional eating. That there is something underlying the "boredom".

Is that true? Do we not every get bored and eat? Maybe not. If I'm honest with myself (or paying enough attention) then I'd say that I eat when I'm "bored" to ignore the anxiety I'm feeling...or the anxiety I would be feeling if I didn't "veg" out in front of the tv with a bag of chips and guacamole or spaghetti or baked french "fries". I know that there are times I have a hard time being left alone with my thoughts. I'm doing yoga to help with that.

But, certainly others are truely just bored? What do you think?


crazylady said...

I'm very similar. It's like I just have to be doing something. Even if it's just fidgeting! I'm sure straight up eating out of boredom must happen to some people but I would also think that (as you describe) many people use food to distract themselves from things they feel they should be doing or thoughts they don't want to deal with and call it boredom eating.

aaaah it's all so complicated isn't it.