Thursday, July 30, 2009

Older women

I posted yesterday about older men and which ones were up and coming as the "new" distinguished older, sexier men. There was no agenda there besides a conversation I had with my husband and a male friend of ours. Yea, I make them talk girl talk too. Don't' feel bad for them, most of our conversations revolve around cars. Once in a while I need a testosterone break.
But, it got me thinking about the other gender. What about the women? Why do we not get to grow more sexy as we age. Well, let me rephrase that for all of you cougar and puma lovers out there - why do we get pressure to look and act younger while men get more distinguished. Like with Somethings gotta give. See that if you haven't. It's one of my favorites.

Why is aging so bad for women? When I was @ 22 I had numerous friends who would use anti aging cream and lotion their bodies in fear of stretch marks and wrinkles. Why are we so afraid of imperfection? Why is a wrinkle an imperfection for a woman and not for a man? I blame it partially on media.

Why was Blanche from the golden girls, who lied and said she was younger, the only one to get guys? OK, she was a bit of a, um, promiscuous woman. But, really...only the "young" looking older women are revered. So many people are after the younger looking celebrities to know their secrets. We're fascinated with them. Want to be them. They're the ones we talk about, while the distinguished men look age appropriate.

Do you think it's us? Is it a confidence thing?

But, older means more than wrinkles. Like I've said before...I doubt I'd go back if I could. I know, I'm hardly old at the age of 31, but younger years were so difficult. I had a lot of relationship problems (with friends, lovers, family, myself), and I really would not relive those for anything! I like what I have marriage, my up and coming career, etc. That I'm growing as a person. I have nothing completely figured out, but I've learned so much. With each year I'm more comfortable with myself and my relationships. There's a lot less impossible questions and a lot more discoveries. OH, but really...couldn't I have my age and less debt? lol.

My friend told me once that she loved the lines she was getting on her face. It meant that she laughed a lot :) I didn't agree with her then (my alien alert went off...she was a freak of nature for saying that back then), but I do now. That's how I'm choosing to see my "imperfections". I laughed, so I have wrinkles.


Crazylady said...

"I laughed, so I have wrinkles".
I really like that. I don't worry about that stuff too much but occasionally I start scrutinising myself in the mirror or comparing myself to the fit young things all the men are drooling over. It's hard to ignore. Subtlety and men don't go hand in hand a lot of the time!

I think the hardest thing now for me is feeling mentally like I'm in my early 20's and just not being able to get my head around being a "grown up". I'm in my early 30's and often I think my God I'll be 40 in about 8 years especially when time seems to go crazily quick these days. Yep I'm insane. Still you're right I wouldn't go back to younger years in a fit!!! Can I not just stick at 31? :) Well after I've reached my weight loss goal of course.

Diana said...

I'll have to post on that one...the guys and body image stuff. Thanks for the idea!

Dr. Wifey said...

so many celebrities that strive to look younger start looking fake after a while. all the plastic surgery. you can look at them and say, "wonder how many procedures she's had?" why would someone want that? it is definitely an issue. i intend to grow old gracefully :)