Sunday, September 14, 2008

Exercise & a new walking challenge

I re-assessed my 100 push ups since I did them last. I keep talking about doing it, but never really doing it. Big talkers can be annoying, but ya...I fell into the trap. What does that mean? It means that I'm actually doing it! Today was the first day. Now, I'm starting with against a counter that's about hip high. That's just my level. I will switch to the "girly" kind, but I may not until these 6 weeks are done. Why not switch earlier, you ask? Well, I figure that I have time since I plan on exercising forever from now on. Also, plans work for me (see prior post). And, yes, I am still walking the doggie in the am for 30+ minutes (I aim for at least 30, which means I usually over shoot and do 40-ish). I'm just a challenge sort of girl.

And, here is the "challenge" in case you're wondering. It's a 30 day walking challenge, now on @ day 14. Yes, I'm late, but hey...I can challenge myself. I think my goal will be to walk every day until Christmas instead? OR, maybe I will log my miles like I talked about before and see how far I can get. My mom used to have a forum online where they logged miles (collectively, but works) from NYC to Ft. Lauderdale. How fun would it be to see where we could go! I think that's my new goal. Anyone wanting to join me feel free to hop along :) But, in case it's me alone (and I only walk for 30-40 minutes now), I think I'll make it from Washington, D.C. (cause I've been there) to Jacksonville, FL. It's still a way long way to go (706 miles), but at least I can do that in a year! (The other was 1272, which if I go 2 miles/day it'd take over 600 days. Wowser. Maybe I'll do that next time...or if I KNOW I have help :)

So far I've done @ 6 miles. So, I have 700 to go till Florida :)


Dr. Wifey said...

that's a great idea! i always need some sort of goal to keep me going

Diana said...

WEll..anyone that wants to join just give me miles when you can at the end of the week and I'll post them!

Irish Mom said...

Sounds like fun!! Don't think I can join now cause I have been so busy!! I am recommitting myself in October, so maybe I'll join then. Its nice to have the support!!

nmburleson said...

That sounds like a great challenge. I'll be looking for something new the beginning of October! :)