Monday, September 8, 2008

Trying to make low carb living work!

I did start the south beach "diet" (or a version of it...apparently drinking milk is bad, but I refuse to give it up at all...bones, people!!). I did ok but let it go the past few days. Things I did notice: I wasn't as hungry throughout the day. I feelt good (sugar makes me feel weighed down). I didn't mind the food - I got some good ideas at MizFit's place! Ya...uber plugs to MizFit, but I get so many good suggestions from her many people offer stuff, and she has great advice too. Win, win :)

I also got a wonderful suggestion from Dr. Wifey (thanks!). It's found here (called Kalyn's Kitchen) and she provides the best looking recipies around! I just had to share...I was THAT excited about it :) I figure what I'll do (to keep me on track and to try new things) is to try a recipe of hers or other places that are healthy and let you know how they turn out. I'm excited for this...I think I have a good idea of how to make this seemed so far fetched before (i'm an admitted carb, love, love french fries and potato chips)!

One I got from MizFit's (don't remember who suggested it, so sorry if it's you!) is an egg mix, kind of mini quiche without the crust (I talked about this before, just not at length). Using muffin tins (I used liners too - makes less clean up) put your desired filling. I used ham and shredded cheese and in a different one feta and spinach, but also am thinking about turkey sausage with cheese or something like that. Then pour in an egg mix (egg, duh huh?, but also some milk product for fluffyness, salt and pepper to taste, etc.). Bake @ 350. I found out I cooked them too long, leading to flattening upon setting, but I think 25 minutes should do. I'll let you know. The cool thing about this is that you can easily take them in the a.m., especially if you use regular muffin liners so that you can nuke it. I'm always pressed for time in the am, so if I can have a handy breakfast to take with me then I won't be tempted to eat fast food!


Dr. Wifey said...

skim milk is ok on south beach! one of my blog-buddies corrected me on this. apparently there is a "new and revised" version of SBD, and i was looking at the old. so enjoy your milk!

Diana's Body Journey said...

Yay!!! I refuse to live without it, so that's good that it still works!

dadivastreet said...

Skim milk is O.k., Thats just one of the thing my nutritionist discussed with me. Didn't want to give up the milk completely either. Have a great week!

Felicia said...

Ack no skim milk? Omgosh I wouldn't know what to do lol I live on the stuff. Great source of calcium and protein. Its a staple in my house lol. Darn natural sugars in it >=8(. Hey have you tried Calorie Countdown milk? I think that is what it is called now. Its by Hoods. The chocolate is YUMO!

I vote that its the cutting down of bad carbs that is most important. I did Atkins for years. Did really well on it ( of course till I stopped lol) but I have to admit that when I was sticking to it I always felt better eating low carb. More energy and not so much of the highs and lows that I get when I eat carbs.

Keep at it!! Cant wait to see how it goes for you. And drink that milk!! Good for the bones *grin*


MargieAnne said...

Love the idea of your mini quiches. So easy to carry for packed snacks and picnics.
Thanks for encouragement.