Thursday, September 18, 2008

Weekend get away

The evil manager is coming over to inspect our tv system. My husband invited her over (I think he's just pissy at the idea of them barging over un-announced...we're private people), so we asked for it. What can she possibly tell from this though? At least she can see that we don't have a bass system hooked up anymore. I doubt it'll help. I think biding our time and day dreaming about a better living arrangement will help lots more.

On a better note...we are going away! Ok, not permenantly yet, but for the weekend :) We get to go to DFW (where the in laws are from). I'm super excited to get away from podunk (or however you spell it!) and go to the city. What's even better is that my sister in law is visiting from Houston (crappy situation of why she's there, but I'll enjoy the company regardless). AND, I'm taking Friday off so it'll be like a long weekend for me. We're not really supposed to since there is a presentation 3:30-5, but I made these plans months ago...and I refuse to feel guilty for seeing family we haven't seen since Christmas!. I just want to hit the road as soon as the hubby is done (late morning) and get out of Dodge.

So, this weekend will be spent with getting away from the crabby neighbors, good home cookin', but most importantly good company and the puppy can have fun with the in-laws doggies! I think it's just what we all need!


Dr. Wifey said...

hope you have a great weekend! if you don't mind me asking, what university do you attend? my grandfather lives right outside of houston

Felicia said...

I hope you have a super weekend! Its always nice to get away.

*Big huggles*

nmburleson said...

Enjoy your time away!!!