Saturday, September 27, 2008

Reality check

I'm beginning to feel better. Thanks for the well wishes! No shake, shake, shakin' my booty, but we did go to the fair and had a good time walkin around with my hubby. We watched the kids going on the rides, walked around the animal exhibits (except the cows...we won't get into why the hubby hates cows), and also the food. We didn't eat a lot, but it was along the lines of what I've been having lately. Junk. It didn't even taste all that great, which is just that much more irritating. now, the other food I've been eating - tasting better but so not good for me.

I've been watching discovery health's "we've lost 800 lbs." It's about two amazing women who collectively have lost 800 lbs, one with gastric bypass and one without. As an aside, if you ever think gastric bypass is the "easy way out", then watch this show or one like it on discovery health. Or I have two friends, one blogger and one not, that may be able to teach you about this one. I got to thinking though...these women have worked so hard and lost such an amazing amount. To see their struggles, emotions and amazing will was a reminder of how attainable my goals are.

One of these women was struggling to walk after complications. Really, she didn't walk that well to begin with. She had a hard time getting into the back of a van on her way to her surgery, and even felt that she couldn't do it. Get into the back of the van with help. The other woman had lymphodemia so bad on one leg after a tumor removal that she couldn't wear normal shoes and couldn't walk without the fold from above her ankle dragging on the floor. This is all besides the hundreds of pounds they've lost.

And, I'm struggling with losing a measly 40-60 more pounds! I'm struggling with the idea of one day having a little extra skin. They've lost my weight (toghether) 4 times, each two times over. It makes you wonder how we can take these things for granted and whine about our struggles. How we can feel that staying away from french fries, or ice cream can be so aweful and "unfair"! No, that's the consequence of wanting a healthier life. It's a choice. I'm hoping that this, along with the new tools I've acquired, can help me with my own mission to be healthier.

Why I didn't remember my mom's advice until commenting on another blog and seeing this makes me sad, but better late than never. She alwas said that there are so many other people that have it much worse off than you do. How can we say "poor me" given that? She also used to say that, with one exception on earth, your weight is someone elses goal weight. Appreciate what you can do now and what you have in your life.


Dr. Wifey said...

you know, i was thinking along the same line today when i went shopping. i can finally shop in the regular section of the store, but i am still not happy with my body. yet how many people there are 3x bigger than me? would they be happy in my body? will i ever be at a point where i am happy with how i look?