Monday, September 29, 2008

HYC check in and questions

I haven’t made any weight progress, but definitely making progress on the area!

I'm asking my questions first since I really, really want the answers! Have you had Ezekiel bread? Do you have a substitute in mind if you don't like multigrain (the super duper healthy stuff)? (high taste buds + used to fattening foods = not loving multigrain bread) My other: does flax seed taste (more importantly...does it taste bad?)

I’ve been reading you, on a diet. Slowly. But, it’s making sense. They talked about the start of being overweight in history (Americans being over weight)...and it started NOT with fast foods but with agriculture. Why does this matter? Because it's important to realize that our bodies are made for times of hardship...and what's out there can make us fat because of how food sources have changed. It's stuff I knew, but didn't think about much. I think it'll get to a good point....just need to put together. They also had a "diet" quiz, and I scored average. As they point out, it's not bad since it's average but it's average in our country to be fat. Ouch, but true.

I am also trying to get to the book that I won (yippee), the eat-clean diet for family and kids. I won’t be reporting any recipes (except MizFit b/c she asked and gave this to me even though she doesn’t have a copy!), but I will let you know stuff about it. I like the idea…since I’d like to get back to natural type foods. Less processing and more home cooking! And the recipes aren’t that bad (of COURSE I’ve looked!), but some are questionable. I will give it a good go though. There are a few online recipies here.


Lainie said...

I just got my copy of You, on a Diet in the mail today (see how you've influenced me?) but haven't read any yet. I'm still slowly working through Intuitive Eating. My problem is I'm always reading at least 4 or 5 books at once so it takes me a while to finish (esp. with kids running around me all the time).

I have the Eat Clean Diet Cookbook and there's some good stuff in there--didn't know about the family book until now!

Merry said...

I don't mind the taste of ground flax seed (especially when I mix it in with oatmeal and healthy blueberries). However, if you have flax seed oil and it tastes off, it might have gone bad. Flax seed oil isn't always refrigerated in some stores.

Skinny Inside said...

When we're in the States, all we eat is Ezikel bread (we can't get it here). It can be a little dry, but you just need to teach yourself to like it:-) It's so good for you! I don't think flax has much taste...if you eat it whole it can add some crunchy texture (on yogurt, for example)...really chew it to get all the Omega 3s!

MizFit said...

youre so sweet----I shall get off my lazy arse and check out the online recipes (duh :))

Miz., who cant comment on the bread as she HEARTS the flax taste and isnt a good evaluator

Irish Mom said...

I love "healthy" bread (I love non-healthy bread too!!). I think it just takes some getting used to. My kids will even eat it, hubz is the only one who still eats white bread.

I need some motivation and I keep saying I'm going to read one of those books, but for some reason I left it out of my last Amazon order.

Felicia said...

I used to eat flax seed all the time. Just be sure to grind it up lol wouldnt want to lose a tooth on it. I pust it on salad, in yogurt, baked with it. I can't eat it much anymore as it doesnt agree with me now but I never remember it having much of a taste in the sense of good or bad. Grind it fine and mix it in.

Cant wait to hear more about the book.

Have a SUPER wonderful day!

Dr. Wifey said...

not sure about flax, but i have another blogger buddy who raves about it. last week i bought some bran and flax filone from my grocery store and it was great!

JanetM97 said...

I don't have an answer about the bread. I'm interested in learning to like stuff like flax though. :) You on a Diet intrigues me. Might check it out, too.

nmburleson said...

I have tried Ezekiel bread. It was OK, but it wasn't great, and for $5.00 a loaf I think it should be great! Just mho! It's very healthy and it has to be frozen because it doesn't have any preservatives in it. The whole grain was much better than the sesame. There is still a half loaf of that in my freezer. It will probably go to my son to take and feed the ducks! Blech!