Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Physical Appearance

A post I read yesterday got me started about appearances and losing weight. Granted I haven't lost a lot of weight yet, but I already am seeing saggier arms and stretch marks in my arms and hips (had those already though, thanks so much puberty!). I'm sure it'll be on my belly too :( If you're like me, you of feeling good, but also looking so fabulous once you're smaller and healthier that people will stop on the streets asking us if we're super models. Ok, most of us may not be that unrealistic, but really...we expect to have healthy looking bodies.

Instead, some of us are troubled with sagging skin, lets be serious...boobs too, and stretch marks all over. Instead of being confident about our bodies (like we dreamed of being every second of working out), some of us are even more unsure about them. Sure, we look better in our clothes, but what about the bikini we longed to wear? What about the cute belly button rather than a saggy sad face? The reality is that most of us are not going to look like we're a 16 year old cheerleader. Sad and cruel, but I realize I will not at least. Look at the almighty Oprah...she proudly displayed her "angel wings", I believe she called them. How brave is that!?!

How do we reconcile this and feel good about us all over? Most of us will not be rich enough to afford plastic surgery, ignoring the fact that most of us do not WANT to get it done (side effects are a bitch). what do we do? I would rather live longer and look a little saggy than to die in 10 years fat and plump and no stretch marks. Doesn't that sound good...being healthyt. Not having a heart attack? I've hear they're painful.

But, I also want to feel amazing about myself. Especially after tackling a feat like losing 50 pounds (hopefully more!) in a year or two!! I want to enjoy bein fit and not be stuck with feeling even worse than I did when I was fat.

Maybe the key is to focus on health. Maybe it's to focus on how good you look in clothes. I don't know, but I think it's something we push out of our head until it starts happening. And it's a sore spot for a lot of us...I KNOW it's not just me! But, it's something we rarely talk about. How do you get over it? Do you have fears of this (those of us that are working on being chubby no more!!). Do any of you expert (or not so expert) types have suggestions? I'm going to guess that weight lifting will be on the menu...to ensure the sag is just skin and tighten things. What do you think?


Dr. Wifey said...

i have decided i will embrace all my stretch marks when i am able to fit into a bikini! if others don't want to see, they can look the other way :)

MizFit said...

dont underestimate yourself (angelwings) methinks you are so firmly on the path to selflove you may surprise even YOU!


nmburleson said...

I try to focus on how I'll feel. Focusing on how I'll look - well I'll be smaller but there will be saggy skin, and loads of stretchmarks but at least I'll be healthy!

Felicia said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh girl lol the stories I could tell you about "skin issues" lol. After losing 260lbs there is not a spot on this poor ole bod that isn't hanging, sagging or not were it was supposed to be lol. All along I knew I would have skin and LOTS of it. I thought I would be prepared when it happened to me but YIKES I wasn't. Time does heal all and as it goes by I am more and more "ok" with how I look in the mirror with out clothes on. But it hit me hard. I never thought I would look 20 again lol but I never expected to look 90 either.

I am one of the ones that will not have plastics. My insurance wont cover it and I can not imagine taking that much money just for me when my whole family can better spend it together. Besides lol it wouldn't simply be a tuck here or a lift there. The list is long.

Every once in a while I look in the mirror and think "ya know... its not to bad" I don't know if its just my mind mentally trying to con me ( after all it did it to me when I was over 400lbs and I would say I didn't look toooo bad) but at this point its a lie I want to hear. The only really hard time with the skin is when I realize how tiny I would really be if I could have it removed. *sigh*

I do know that from what I have been told ( doctors etc... ) that if you have stretch marks you have damage. If you have damage to the skin that no amount of working out or lifting of weights will repair it ( in other words the only sucking up will be from the filling in of muscle not the actual shrinking of skin).

BUT with that every one is different and you never know where or what you will end up with as long as you keep working towards where you want to be.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!
*huggles*(I would wave but wouldn't want anyone to get hurt HAHAHHA)

Anonymous said...

I know I will not be as firm as I would like to be. I know are some stretch marks & some skin will sag. I may not be too thrilled with what I see, but these are my badges from living life. The results of making myself healthier. I can accept it. Perfection is only in the air brushed photos in the magazines. People will talk about you, regardless of how you look. So, I I agree with Dr. Wifey. I am going to wear my sexy suit with pride, because I earned it! Gonna give em something to talk about!