Wednesday, September 17, 2008

food - I love and loathe you...and itsn't that the problem!

So, I've got the exercise thing up and far. Intertia seems to be broken though, and that's a good thing!

Food is a different story. Food is my problem, and it really shouldn't be because it's fuel for you body. When MizFit was talking about intuitive eating (or more how a program suggests you stock your kitchen with your favorite foods until you realize that you can have it whenever you want) I thought it was crazy for me. Maybe for a regular old over eater it *may* work, but me? No way. I'm a binge (aka compulsive) eater, so that may be a terrible thing. Certain foods definatley trigger the past 2 weeks when I bough potato chips and dip then tortilla chips and salsa. I gorged on them, then it was food fest 08. I won't tell you the calories one can rack in a day, but let me just say it's a lot. A whole lot.

But, I heard more one a radio talk show about intuitive eating and really making all your food available so that you don't have the freak outs that cause you to binge. Yah, like a morning talk show is a great source! BUT, they actually found an article that spouted the wonderful research associated with it...and specifically how you can get kids to binge eat or eat more of things and hate food that's good for them. It totally made sense! I am thinking about trying it. I would love to be able to have potato chips and dip in the house and have my husband enjoy them along with me. I would love to have chipped beef dip for crackers (with cream cheese and scallions...totally yummy) or cheese cake in the house and not gorge until I want to get rid of it all. I think I'll talk to a professional before taking this on myself though!


Dr. Wifey said...

ok, my issue with this approach is that i have a hard time differentiating between when i am hungry and when i think i am hungry. i tend to overeat and then comes the guilt

Mama Bear June said...

Chips are my weakness, too! Sometimes I can resist them no problem. Then at others, don't get in my way! ;-) So where's the article??
Path to Health

Diana said...

I don't know where the article is. That's the problem (I will probably google it eventually)...who knows if it's peer reviewed research or anything like that. It just sounded logical and intuituve (my advisor would have a field day with that response...I won't tell her though :)