Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not a you, on a diet cheerleader

Thanks for your opinions! I suppose the message is that if it's important you should do it anyway? I knew that part, but really...I don't want to choke stuff down to be healthy. I want to enjoy food still! I'd be more likely to stick to it if it tastes at least ok...if not good.

I think what I'll do is try different whole grain breads and pastas again. I'll try Ezekiel bread if I get the chance or feel a little braver later. I just can't throw out more food that's healthy but one can afford that, but especially not on my budget!

You, on a diet. I just have to say that they really emphasize belly fat. I don't have a lot of belly fat for a bigger girl. I carry it on my hips and leggs more. They say that you *should* be below 32.5" in the waist, and anything over 37" is in a more risky level. I do have @ 32.5" and considering I weight @ 205 it's impressive to some. Until they see me try to buy pants @ a size 16-18 but still fit my waist! Anyway, I still think it's important to read the book and follow what they say. They say that they will be informing us of how food works in our body, so I'm excited to get to that part. But, in general I want to lose weight so that I don't have as many joint issues as I have (or will have). Plus, I have a family history of cardiovascular disease, so every factor I can take into my own hands needs to be addressed!
updated 11:20am: I'm not trying to be their cheerleader (but, hey, I think I ended up doing it anyway). They promote low fat but also low refined carbs. We all know this is bad, but what makes the book more appealing for me is the reasoning they go through (historic issue plus some of the bio behind food in our body). But, here are sites so you can make up your own mind...if you even care about it :)

Barnes and nobles overview
Their Real Age Page
Recipies they posted in good housekeeping


Dr. Wifey said...

i might need to read that book. ALL of my weight is in my waist and it is soooooo hard to get rid of!

do they talk about HOW to get rid of it, or just why it is bad, etc etc?

Diana said...

They go into it all...I think they even include a recommended 2 week eating plan. But, I havne't gotten there so I can't tell you what they're including!(the overview on barnes and noble says they give plans and formulas to lose 2" in a certain time...I'm just following it for general guidelines and what I really need to do to achieve this stuff!).

MizFit said...

and what is it he calls it?

the omentum?

I love the book. but I love the bread too.
so we know not to listen to me.

your excitement, however, is contagious.

Felicia said...

I have to agree with mizfit, your excitement is just infectious!! I am so glad you found something you like.

I hear you on "where its carried" My hips and waist are not so bad but OMGosh the butt and thighs *sigh* will they will never be in the proper place again lol.

Have a WONDERFUL day!!

Diana said...

Yeah. The omentum is the blubber/fat around your stomach. On Oprah's special with him on it the showed what it should and should not look like. wowsers. the page is here: