Thursday, October 16, 2008

Body issues

There are several great posts out there that got me thinking about body issues. Fitness Fig kind of summed up what I was thinking about the topic though so I'll let you visit her post, if you haven't already been there. Go ahead and go now :)

Back? Ok. What I was thinking about (and commented about over at Miz Fit's place) is how funny our attitudes change about our bodies. Acutally, I think for a lot of women we are unhappy at all poins in life about our bodies...the amount is just larger for a lot of us. E.g. when I was 16 I was 135-145 pounds. For a woman (girl then?) with a large bone mass this is extremely good. My stomach had very little fat and I looked really healthy. How did I feel? Like a big fat fatty. You have to realize that I grew the big hips and my height early, but really it had to do with friends being 105 and 5'2".

Now? I do feel more comfortable with me as a person, but it's hard to look in the mirror and like what I see. I see my flabby stomach, and dimples on my butt and thighs. Let's face it, 205 is large for a woman no matter what height and bone structure you have. I'd love to be a "fatty" at 145, but really it seems to be about not being happy with your body no matter what your weight. My amount just got bigger. But, we are who we are and our body weight is so little of who we are. Why are we placing worth on it?

I like what fitness fig was talking about. You have one body, why not appreciate it? Why not love it for what it is and not try to be something else. Yes, I want to be healthier, but that doesn't mean I can't love my "big mamma birthing hips" (If you don't believe me see the tatoo post...shows it VERY clearly). Better yet, why not love that my waist is small for my frame? Why not appreciate what you are.

A wise woman (ok, my mom, but she was very wise!) always told me that no matter what your are at someone's goal weight. Appreciate that and let that motivate and guide you. You are already at a goal weight, the rest is gravy :)


Dr. Wifey said...

this is so true, Diana! i look in the mirror and think, wow! i look better than i have in years. BUT i can look better. i am happier with my legs, but now i notice my hips. it is a never-ending cycle

Felicia said...

OH OH OH Great Post!!

Ya know something I thought of the other day pops out at me about your post.

"We feel fat going up the scale and skinny going down". No matter what the number on the scale says it always seems to be that way.

For example. When I first weighed around 250lbs (going up the scale) I felt HUGE. But after reaching 427lbs and then again reaching 250lbs ( on the way down the scale) I felt THIN!

I read blogs day after day of women who weigh what I do today and they talk about how fat they are and how unhappy they are and I think how strange it is because I dont feel fat here and I am very happy.

But like you said its all a matter of how we are looking at where we are in life I think. We lose sight of the fact that we are not defined by what we look like ( or what the number on the scale says ) but by how we live the life we are given.

If I learned anything on my journey so far its that it doesnt matter what I weigh but that if I cant find happiness with myself, then the rest really doesnt matter.

At the end of the day my body is not perfect. I will never be shaped like a 20 year old again and ya know what.. LOL its ok!

Have a WONDERFUL day!

Chantelle said...

It's sad that we felt that way back then (and now) wasting away all those good times and body appreciating opportunities.

Your post was just what I needed to hear/read.

I need to stop giving myself and my body a hard time. It's taken me lots of great places and brought me wonderful things - ie. my healthy little baby girl.

Thank you. Thank you. x

amma15 said...

When I was 191 I would have killed to be where I am now at 145...and now I would kill to reach the 120s. When I graduated high school I was 110 and I thought I was the fattest thing ever.

As you can see I'm still working on the acceptance part.

MizFit said...


it is totally what I said the other day (and got my inbox flooded with REALLY!?) about jillian guest posting next week:

have a great weekend.

xo xo,


m said...

Very nice! Enjoy your weekend!

Crabby McSlacker said...

Great post. Love that bit about being someone else's goal weight.

It's so easy to waste time being unhappy about things instead of appreciating what we have--thanks for the reminder!