Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Thanks for the great tips! My favorite was posting notes on the fridge (or on my snacky foods) saying "do you really need this?" Dont' worry, I'll probably be stealing more of your ideas along the way. Baby steps though!

One thing I've noticed with my friends that have gotten healthier through docotor intervention (of all sorts) is that they focus on protein. Not as in the Adkins way where you monitor carbs, but more like "you should strive for X amount of lean protein/day as your main goal." I *get* it - it fills you up. And, if you do this and plan to achieve this then you are making sure, in a sense, that you don't need the junk foods. The plan to achieve this can guide the rest of what you eat. I like it.
So, what did I do? I looked online for how much protein I *should* be getting. The crazy programs said I should be getting @ 80+ grams of protein. Wow. That seems like a lot considering 2 eggs with some cheese is only 14 grams. WTF. Maybe "normal" Americans eat that much, but really I am a carb girl so I doubt I am. I don't eat that much meat in a day. Yikes.

What have you been told about how much protein you *should* have per day? Does 85 grams seem like too much or about right?

I think I'm going to focus on this. Trying to hit a protein (lean, focus on lean) amount per day and let the rest of my foods fall into place. It's funny. Low fat = bad in my head. but, if you focus on lean proteins then it doesn't seem like deprivation to me. Crazy, but I'll follow my "crazy" instincts and go with it :)
Edit/update: did you know that one small can of chunk white tuna (albacore at least) has 20g of protein in it? Yeah, this might not be as hard as I thought!


Dr. Wifey said...

gah! everyone is different. i agree that adding more protein to your diet is better (it has definitely helped me), but maybe not worry about *exactly* how much you are getting. just my 2 cents

Diana said...

I agree that things should be so strict, but I'm such a pain in the butt that I doubt I can just "add" more and actually do it! Too vague for me...I'm a rules girl! I need a specific goal to shoot for. If I don't make it then no biggie, but I need something to strive for or else it's too unattainable. Does that even make sense?

Issues? Yes, yes I do have them. but, I think I need to work with my issues if I'll ever succeed.

Felicia said...

*My 2 uneducated cents*

I believe that the "normal" woman is supposed to get 60 grams of protein in a day. Now what does normal mean? I am assuming lol someone who is not trying to lose weight or build muscle or well anything just survive.

I would say 80 would be a good number to shoot for (but maybe start with 75 if you HAVE to reach it mentally)as it is a tad high and even if you don't reach it daily if you strive for it you are headed in the right direction. I get in 90+ but then I also use a protein shake to help me get there as there is no way I would be able to get in 90 on food alone ( well without eating all day lol).

I think its more to keeping your mind focused on something then anything if that makes sense? I mean I dont feel like I am dieting or depriving myself when I say to myself "You can have anything you want once you get that 90 grams in". Then I think WOO HOO and of course after reaching 90 HAHAHA its to late in the day for anything else ( ok and I am to full ).

Protein Tip : Meat protein lasts longer than Dairy protein. It also doesnt *ahem* umm *plug* you up as bad LOL as dairy protein can. Shrimp and fish are HUGE high protein lean meats. Big bang for a small package. And then of course there are soy proteins like tofu but remember these are not complete so its good to have some meat or dairy protein ( whey ) to go with them some time through out the day.

Ok off to find my coffee cup.

Have a super day!

Crabby McSlacker said...

I keep hearing contradictory things about this. I think it's smart to make sure to get enough but not to overdo it either--but don't know what the exact number is. I try to always get at least some protein at every meal, but I don't think huge slabs of meat all day long is a good idea either.

In other words, I'm just as confused as you are!

m said...

Just stay active and eat are doing great!

Lainie said...

I'm into just the sensible balance and moderation thing lately, but I do have one protein thing I do. After a good workout (especially after lifting weights), I'll drink a protein shake. I don't know if it's working yet, except my shoulders are forming nicely, at least.

MizFit said...

Im entirely NOT the person to ask...well I am the person to ASK just not to follow :) as for my body lots of protein works well and isnt taxing on my kidneys at all.

although it truly is as you point out---not a ZANY way of eating in the sense that the tuna example or a chickenbreast or a cup of eggbeaters has a TON of protein in it...

keeps me satisfied and my blood sugar levels even.