Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Feel your boobies

I know I already posted about this below, but someone asked about the "feel your boobies" button on the side of my blog. I stole it. Bad, I know. Good thing though? I found the page on the feel your boobies web site where they offer them for free to post on blogs and such! Yay!!

So, go to Feel Your Boobies for fabulous breast cancer information, gear, or just to get one of the buttons to put on your blog/myspace account/etc encourage others to feel their boobies.

Note: feeling of the boobies does not have to be done by yourself. You can have others do it for you! Make it a marital event! (yea, I'm a perv, but there have been women who detected their cancer early because their hubby's felt them up!)


Dr. Wifey said...

thanks for the reminder! i checked out the website and will post a button my my blog :)

nmburleson said...

Great message! Ya perv! ;0

JanetM97 said...

Funny! (but a good idea!) I like your pink blog, Diana, with the pop of black accents!

Good for you with the food purging. I just can't get that hard core. I'm a food junkie apparently. ;)

carla said...

Thanks for the reminder and the laugh.

IMO those 2 neeeeed to go together to get us women feeling out tatas!


m said...

A great cause! With a laugh! :)

amma15 said...

Hey whatever promotes awareness!