Sunday, October 19, 2008

Walking Update

My Sunday walking update...I've decided that I don't care how long it takes me to walk from D.C. to Florida. What I would like to see is every step along the way how long it would take me to go to Chicag0. My closest cousin, one of my best friends, lives there so it makes it more fun.

She's such an inspiration - she's the one I spoke of earlier that had cancer at 29. She isactually on the cover of the Cancer Fighters Thrive October edition (found here if you want to read about it she's on the cover and the life is great article is about her). She talks about my mom briefly too (helen), but that's a whole post I'm so not probably going to do. She even went on eHarmony after recovering from cancer, with her hair looking more like yoda than anything, and met her hubby. She's awesome. I'm so proud of her.

ANYWAY, the important thing here is about the's 999 miles from Ft. Worth (not here, but a stopping point along the way). If I keep walking 3 miles every day it will take me a year. I may add biking miles or something like that but I think it'll give me apush I need.

What other related cool event happened? Miz Fit paired us readers up so that we had someone to help us be accountable. Mine is Felice found here. Silly? Hell no, it worked well this week! My fear of being a bum to someone that expects me to do it was/is enough to push me into full gear. It's sad, but worked, didn't it? I walked 6 miles this week (just yesterday and today, but it's a sart!).

SO, I've completed 14 miles since I started. I will post updates every Sunday. I'll get there in no time...may have to bump up my efforts after a while to knock off the miles. Slow to begin with though!


Chantelle said...

That's great that you get a 'buddy'. It's such a good idea. :)

I love the idea of walking somewhere. It's a whole lot more exciting.

You'll get there and I'll be cheering you on!

Dr. Wifey said...

14 miles! that's great!

The Happy Runner said...

Rock on! I love the idea of posting your updates every Sunday.

I just read the article about your cousin -- thanks for posting the link. Walking "to" her will be great motivation. You will get there!!!

amma15 said...

I have an aunt who lives in chicago that recently got an operation and since I wasn't doing anything I moved in with her and the fam to help her out for a whole 3 months! Chicago is an awesome city I had alot of fun there.

Good luck with the walking and keep it up!!!

MizFit said...

thanks for the mention.
it really brightened my morning----next time Im getting me a match up.

till then? all ya'll are dragged into my world...

m said...

Great job! I look forward to your updates!