Wednesday, October 1, 2008

cheerleader for you, on a diet

Ok. Apparently I was wrong. I'm so a cheerleader for this book it's redulculous. It explains everything I needed to know. It nerds out eating, but in a readable way, which is something I needed! Love, love, love the explainations. I was hoping it was going to help, but secretly thought it'd be like all the rest. clicks with me.

It even explains the high fructose corn syrup stuff. The background is important, but I can't possibly tell you about it all so I'll give you the short version. Apparently HFCS doesn't shut off our hunger enzymes or chemicals in your body. Therefore, you want to eat it more and more. It's worse than sugar because at least that shuts up the hunger stuff, if only for a moment. I always heard HFCS was bad, but never knew why (and too busy, ok lazy, to figure out why). I'm sure the guest at MF's place said it, but without the long version it never made sense.

I thought once I was done with this book I was going to give it away. But, I think you'll have to get your own copy! Maybe I shouldn't give away all the good stuff then, huh?


Dr. Wifey said...

ok, you have peeked my interest. i am going to get the book this weekend, since you WON'T be giving it away! LOL

MizFit said...

ok Im in too.

gonna pick up a copy this weekend.

Felicia said...

I love this post. I love your excitment in it. I love your passion about it. Its infectious!! It really sounds like you found "the path" that will take you all the way. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! Keep posting about the book *grin* cuz even though I don't have my own copy I like to "read" vicariously through you HAHAHA. Ok did that make sense? HMMM anyways you know what I mean.

I hope you have a SUPER wonderful day! Its going to be a GREAT ONE!