Friday, October 24, 2008

Tatas purchase and pictures to come

I'm excited! I finally got my tatas shirt and tote! I wore it yesterday to teach. I'm always reluctant to talk about my family and personal issues, but really...I'd rather help people than be reserved. So, since someone mentioned the shirt I told them a little about my family and stressed the importance of self exams (didn't the mention of fun with a partner option). Besides, it's not a huge secret or anything that I have family members who have survived and not from cancer since there are news papers out there depicting this stuff about my family.

I will be sure to post a pic tonight of me in the shirt (gasp...a real pic...with the face showing and everything? Yes. I will be doing this :) I figure, it would be dificult for the people in my life to find this place. Besides my hubby that is...I always keep myself logged in so it wouldnt' be that hard.

Have a great weekend! Wish me luck with finishing my big project by the 31st! I'll get it done (I think), just lose sleep for one more week!


Dr. Wifey said...

i cannot wait to see pics of the shirt, and your FACE! good luck with the project - you can do it!

Chantelle said...

I can't wait to SEE you!

I gave Hubby my blog address when I started thinking he wouldn't be interested... but he's my biggest fan. It's nice in this busy life of ours for him to see how I feel and what I am finding important enough to write about.

Real life friends though? I'm like you. I'd prefer that they didn't find it, but if they did, I really have nothing to hide.

Have a lovely weekend. x

Diana said...

I'm not so worried about real life friends, but real life students would be an issue! At least when I had a personal blog and was frustrated with my students and one found out it could have been disasterous. Since then, I try to seperate "just in case".

Felicia said...

Congrats on getting your shirt. I can not wait to see the pictures!!!

Hope you are having just a SUPER weekend!!


Irish Mom said...

I can't wait either!!
I like to blog anonymosly (sp?) as well!!

amma15 said...

I'll look forward to seeing you in the tatas shirt!