Monday, October 20, 2008


HYC: I've been doing ok. Starting to walk more, but my food issues are difficult. At least I'm overeating healthier stuff. Next step is to get it back under control. But, if I get out of October ok and with my sanity it will be a miracle. I have a critical deadline at work/school where if I dont' make it I won't be able to finish my degree - and right now I'm not sure how I'll be able to finish. One of those months.

Back to food. So, I tried the greek yogurt in plain because I didn't want to have the extra sugar. And, most yogurts have HFCS, but this stuff doesn't. However, I'm thinking sugar is there for a reason! Have you ever tried non sweetened yogurt? Not like the sweatened stuff at all. I'm thinking that it'll be ok for a smoothie where I will be adding non-sugar sweetner. Or maybe i can add seweetener to it, but doens't that defeat the point? And, I know artificial sweeteners aren't good for us either - but I refuse to give it up for now.

Eating healthier is not quite as easy as I thought. You'd never guess how many things have either HFCS, hydraulized oils, or enriched stuff. It's frustrating, but so are all the extra pounds and toxins in our body. And, it's worth it. Just difficult.

Back to yogurt. What kind do you like to eat? Does it have added sugar? I'm thinking I'll have to suck it up and take the extra sugar as long as it doesn't have the HFCs.


Chantelle said...

I go through this debate in my head all the time, not about yogurt (we spell it yoghurt) but about diet coke. I know it's evil and filled with the baddest of bad things, but if I don't have that at about 3pm then I am going to reach for anything sweet within a one mile radius.

Most of my diet is wholefoods, and mainly organic or biodynamic when I can... so I think that one thing a day won't kill me (hopefully).

I weigh up what is more harmful - being obese or a few chemicals?

I'm not the biggest yoghurt fan. I have it a few times a year and when I do I get some from the grocer which is organic, low fat but I'm not sure about the sugars.


amma15 said...

With regards to your critical school-related deadline, I know what that's like I've been there many many times. I was the only person in my masters program to have to get 2 deadline extensions in order to finish my requirements which I barely did but I did it! Just know that whatever happens it's not the end of the world.

My favorite yogurt hands down is the Activia vanilla flavor. It's actually the ONLY yogurt I like.

I know what you're saying about healthy not really being healthy-0 cals and 0 grams of sugar doesn't translate into healthy. I actually prefer to have just a a little bit of the real stuff over more of the unnatural stuff. For example I'd rather have a little bit of regular dark chocolate over a serving of that fat-free, sugar-free whatever-else-free

Robin Plan said...

I can't help with brands of yogurt to try - have you tried using stevia (the natural sweetener) to your yogurt? Maybe try it and see if it gives the sweet taste you like.
I enjoyed reading your posts and will be back for updates on your journey.
I don't usually leave my blog but since you asked here it is.

Felicia said...

I am a plain yogurt fan (no particular brand as long as its cheap since I go through so much of it). I don't like the ones that come already flavored. Picky that way lol. I usually just mix a packet of Splenda in with a 1/2 cup to 1 cup bowl of plain yogurt. If I am feeling the need for flavors I add extras to it like almond flavor.

Hope your having a wonderful day!

The Happy Runner said...

I love plain yogurt! I'm also a black coffee drinker and a licorice-lover so maybe I tend toward the bitter :-)

I just buy the store brand plain, fat-free yogurt. I use it for the smoothies I make every morning: Unsweetened frozen strawberries, 1 banana, about a cup of yogurt and a good dose of wheat germ all blended together in the food processor. It's sweet without sugar!

I also make some tasty dips with yogurt.

JanetM97 said...

I only use my plain yogurt in smoothies (or sometimes in place of sour cream if I don't have non-fat sour cream and I'm desperate.) I DO sometimes use Splenda for mine, though lately I've take to just having the mashed up fruit as the sweetener.

good for you on all your healthier eating(s). :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement! I usually have plain yogurt in the morning as a smoothie. I use a touch of vanilla, frozen ripe bananas or strawberries (or both), ice cubes & some Equal (I'm also not ready to give up the Equal yet!) I also use finely ground oatmeal (to help with cholesterol)& coco powder on occasion.

Skinny Inside said...

I'm also into the plain, thick yogurt variety. I'm not sure which sweetners you're open to, but you can try adding Splenda, Stevia, agave nectar (not calorie free), honey or blackstrap molasses. Cinnamon helps too, and is great for your metabolism! I hope you find a way to get yogurt into your diet, it's so good for you:-)

nmburleson said...

Try the Unsweetened Greek yogurt and mix in some frozen dark cherries. Publix sells them. When I do this I make sure that every spoonful has a cherry in it and it's delicious without any sugar or sweetener! :)

It's crazy how much crap goes into prepared food! We've been trying hard to eat whole foods at my house. It ain't easy! and it's expensive.

You're doing great!!!

Charlie Hills said...

I remember how hard it was to find a salad dressing without HFCS that also didn't cost twelve dollars a bottle. It's crazy.

Anonymous said...

I wish i had some exciting news, but i regretfully am disappointed that the loving yogurt that i have come to know and love, has hfcs in it, and didn't even check until you brought it up, i am so very sad..... sniff sniff

Diana said...

I'm so sorry to disillusion people!

Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm just having a terrible time trying to find food that's healthy! :(

Lainie said...

First of all, I've tagged you over on my blog, so check it out when you get a chance.

Second, I like the Fage (Greek Yogurt), sometimes 0% but sometimes 2% fat, but I ALWAYS mix something into it. I prefer some milled flaxseed and some honey. It's pretty good that way.

~Diet Goddess~ said...

That HFCS is evil stuff and it's in EVERYTHING! I tried to find a whole grain bread without it and was not able to. I know Ezekiel (sp?) bread doesn't have any, but I cannot find it in my area. Or else I don't know where to look.

Good luck with the school thing!

Mama Bear June said...

Have you tried fruit? I add frozen strawberries to my smoothies to sweeten them.
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