Monday, October 13, 2008

Trying to get remotivated

I was listening to the program from Light living with Irene and her interview with MizFit and Felicia. So inspirational and really motivating. In fact I was reaching for large amounts of food, not needing it, and realized that it was crazy to listen to a program about healthy living and emotional eat. Sure, I still munched, but it was on something smaller and healthier than the grandious meal I was going for.

So, I think (especially during this very stressful time for me) that I'll have to look for inspiration in places like this. And, I need to devote 30 minutes a night to reading the *you* book I talked about.

How do you ward off the emotional munchies when you're stressed or upset? What coping strategies do you have for this? (I'm hoping to steal some ideas :)


carla said...

People always ask me if I REALLLLLY do what I chatted about in my emotional eating video.

I yank out my decadence list every time.

Now it only works about 98.7% of the time ......but you'll have that.

xo xo,


amma15 said...

"How do you ward off the emotional munchies when you're stressed or upset?"

I'll let you know when I figure out it myself

nmburleson said...

I tell myself I'll have that food tomorrow.....if I can't talk myself out of eating I try to make the healthiest choices possible. Then when it's done I try not fixate on it I move on! Get right back on track.

Felicia said...

I think emotional munchies are for life. I know that I still find myself standing in front of the frig if I have thigns going on in life that I am not dealing with. Or for that matter if I am bored. The strangest thing after having WLS was learning how little food we actually need to survive. And that depending on the type of food you can actually fill yourself up faster and for longer with certian foods where as other foods just melt on through and make you hungrier sooner.

In the end I think its hearing the voice we all have that says "you dont need that" and instead of saying "shut up yes I do" we say "you know you are so right I will come back later if I really do need it". I just wish the voice had been louder lol.

Have a wonderful day ok!!


Anonymous said...

I tell myself I'll have that tomorrow & hope by tomorrow I have it under control. For now it is working, but I don't think it is something we can totally rid ourselves of. Just have to keep up the fight!

Skinny Inside said...

I can really relate. I think I've shifted from shoveling unhealthy stuff into my mouth to shoveling healthy stuff. It's a start, but I'm struggling to overcome it. So far, my best strategy is to keep the unhealthy stuff out of the house. I swear it would be easier to just be an least you could go cold turkey.

Holly said...

Emotional eating... arg.. totally guilty here. What I've been trying to do lately is just to jump on the computer and read some inspirational stuff (ie blogs, etc). Good luck coping with this issue.. it's tough!!

Twix said...

Well this afternoon I was driving myself bat crazy so I went for a ride on my bike. But then this evening I have been bat crazy again for other reasons. So I try and make sure I have healthy things on hand to eat or scaled down healthy things anyways. I had a Skinny Cow icecream sandwich. Mainly though I try to talk myself out of it and make myself wait before I make that leap. I'm under heavy stress now as well. I think it does help to have someone who you can squawk help at and they are there. :D

carla said...

I had to stop in and say I'm still giggling @ your comment yesterday...about 'is it *the* jillian??'

My imagination is too active as it then made me go all SNL and think how classic it would be were it JILLIAN FROM DOWN THE STREET or somesuch ;)

Happy humpday!