Friday, February 20, 2009

Exercise help!

I have an exercise question for you. How do you avoid shin splints while jogging? Isn't that what you call sore shins? I heard that you change how you jog/run, but I don't know how to change!

I am have not been able to do the first day of the C25K yet - but, I'm getting there! this time I did 6 - 60 (slow jogg)/120 (walk). I figure I'm going to work my way to 8 - 60/120's thend start on the first week, which is 8 60/90's. I have all the time in the world to work my way there!

I also learned how to recover from pushing my muscles too much! Never really had to worry about it much before, and the times I did strain it too much I just hurt for a week and didn't do Heat and then ICE afterwards! Works wonders for strained muscles! I forgot the ice yesterday morning and couldn't bend my arm all the way yesterday :( Spent the night doing heat follwed by icing and also icy hot...almost healed today! Totally great stuff there! Just an FYI for anybody that hasn't encountered this before!


Chantelle said...

My trainer said to just grin and bare it. He said they'd stop once I'd love a bit of weight.

You know how trainers work though. He could have just been saying that to fool me into working harder.

Eventually they did stop though. x

Chantelle said...

I must have love on the brain. That was meant to be LOST!

MizFit said...

I never really could avoid em---hence the never running.

but was always told (??) to sit and tap my toes (heels on floor) to strengthen the shins.

for what thats worth...

Lainie said...

When I went through a running phase I had them to start but then they just stopped. I think my body just had to get used to running or something. Oh, and I got new shoes, that might have had something to do with it. If you're serious about doing a lot of running, maybe you could go to one of those specialty running stores where they look at your feet and watch your stride to see what shoes will work best for you (this is what other people recommended to me though I've never done it myself).

Natalia said...

Like Miz I was told to tap toes that would strengthen the shins. If they hurt too much I would suggest backing off a little bit until they get stronger. Ice them after a workout if they hurt! :)

The Happy Runner said...

Yay for the running!!!!!

OK, now that I got that out of the way, a few things on shin splints:

Yes, tapping works. Also, keeping your heel on the floor and raising your toes up helps. So the classic runner's calf stretch, where push against a wall and stretch one leg at a time. Keeping the calves stretched will help.