Wednesday, February 18, 2009

C25K update

If you think you know what a workout really is, then try jogging!

My gosh. I did the 1st day of the C25K challenge on the streets with the doggie with me. And, the hubby with us on his bike (he has asthma pretty bad, so a very slow bike ride is about all he should do). It requires that you warm up for 5 minutes, jogg for 60 seconds, walk for 90 then jog and walk for an additional 7 more times.

I made it to 5 times of the alternating between jogging and walking, then just did a brisk walk the rest of the time (total of 25 minutes if you include the warm up). Wow. This rivaled no other workout I've done. My lungs burned, I was tingling all over, exhausted. I felt great afterwards though (especially today)! It was the most intense workout I've ever done. No video could compare - even the ones where you work out for an hour. I will be doing this again :) I'm a glutton for punishment!

OH, and afterwards me and the hubby did some extras - crunches (foward and side to get the obliques), cobra push ups, shoulder work. It was fun! In a working out sort of way :D And, it was awesome to have such a great work out partner!


Dr. Wifey said...

Awesome! 5 out of 7 times is great. in no time you will be going straight through the program. i may just have to give this C25K a try :)

Felicia said...

YOU GO GIRL!! That is awesome!!

Keep up the super work! YOU CAN DO IT!!!


Natalia said...

Great job Diana! :) You should be proud. I made it to my spin class, it was a hard workout but I'm glad I did?

Crabby McSlacker said...

Great job!!!!!

And it does get easier over time, believe it or not. Way to go!

Mark said...

You are on a mission! fantastic!

MizFit said...

go YOU!

Im a horrible runner & can entirely relate (um, to the afterrun crunches? I cant. I usually throw myself in the grass and whine for a while...) to the lungburn.

perhaps thats why Im stuck in my recumbent bike RUT.