Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekday update

I was and was not able to rest well this weekend all at once. The issue the past couple weeks was that the dad and his girlfriend were in for a few days and then the in laws were in. Love it when they visit, but next time we'll have a fouton or some mattress for us to sleep on when they take our bed. Soggy air mattresses aren't a good thing. The other part is light sleeper combined with sick puppy = sleep deprived. She has diarrhea and has had a few late night emmergency bathroom sessions this week. Last night was at 1am, so then we both (her and I) slept on the couch in case she felt sick again. Thought she could get over it, but it's enough now that we will be going to the vet today. I'm sure it was just too much of grandpas food and not enough of her own (my dad and his girlfriend share a little too much food with her).

We don't watch football, but still used the superbowl as an excuse to have friends over and cook some good foods.

new love. Smoked salmon toastets with cream cheese. I'm sure it's bad for you, but I'm missing fish so bad here. I grew up on lake michigan and with many small lakes around, so fish was all around back home. Here in the panhandle of TX, not so much. These babies were so.friggin.good. And, they're rich enough that it's something I can enjoy just a bit of and no need of worrying of overindulgence.

For dinner, we cooked some chicken quarters Tyler's Ultimate style (just discovered his show on the cooking network). Have y'all every brinned chicken before? I'm sold. For this one you just soak it in water, brown sugar (1/2 bag), 2 handfuls of salt, and a few sprigs of thyme for at least 2 hours. Then he had us grill it for @ 10 minutes on each side. Then bake it. Don't apply your bbq sauce (if you so choose) until 15 minutes till it's done. It was some good bbq chicken. Would have been not burnt too if we had paid attention to the flame when grilling. lol. Oh, well. learning lessions, right? Do y'all ever brine chicken? What do you do?


Dr. Wifey said...

those salmon toastets sound tasty! sorry about the sick pup :( hope she feels better soon and that you get some rest

Tom Rooney said...

Diana, I'm with you on this one too. My father in-law used to give table scraps to our boxer. Later each night he's be spending the night outside trying to make it stop.

Diana said...

Thanks! I'm sure she's fine. She's saved me from some bad times, so she has to be! (do you like the logic there? lol)

MizFit said...

LOOOOOOVE the smoked salmon and cream cheese as well.

although I had no choice being jewish and all :)

Felicia said...

OHH I love smoked salmon with cream cheese!! Ok so really that and Salmon grilled with sour cream cucumber sauce are the only ways I like that fish lol. You have me on the brine thing. I am so going to try that. You made it sound so yummy! I always see them doing that on TV but never think to try it ( I am a lazy cook lol).

I hope you are having a wonderful week so far! FIFTIES TODAY!! I cant wait!! Stupid wind grrr but still FIFTIES!!!


Natalia said...

Hope your puppy feels better soon! :)

Merry said...

When my senior-citizen puppy needs to go outside at 2 a.m., for some reason she feels this is a great opportunity to have a game of keep away or something similar. Grumpy sleep-deprived humans are not a concept she seems to grasp.
It's a good thing they're so cute :)

JanetM97 said...

Your blog is making me hungry! :P My talented sis brines stuff. I did a Cooking LIght recipe once, I think with brining...but I can't remember what. lol. I'll think on it awhile!

Crabby McSlacker said...

The brined chicken sounds awesome!

My problem is that those dang rotisserie chickens in the grocery store are just too easy to pick up. But if I ever get motivated, that sounds SO GOOD!