Monday, February 16, 2009

eye opening experiences

My hubby and I got into a fight. Now, usually I don't like to talk about personal things, especially if the hubby and I are having problems, but maybe..just maybe it could help someone. Maybe me :)

I'm doing the normal eating stages from their site. I'm trying to get a grip on this instead of being screwed up about food. Eating for nutrition and eating a "normal" portion size. To see food as food and not something else. No diets, not restrictions. It's all about chosing my food. Hopefully for it's nutrition.

My hubby had a good point, but a bad one as well. He wants to fix it. He wants to cure it for me. What can I say, he cares about me and he's a dude :) And, he sees my struggles and that nothing has been working since we met. But, he really doesn't "get" it. He doesn't understand. And, how could he if I never talk to him about it. That's right, I don't talk to him about any of the stuff I'm going through.

I tell y'all more than I ever would dream of telling my hubby about my feelings about my weight, getting healthier and my struggles. I don't even want him to know what I weigh. He found out in a sneaky way a while back, but it's always been a range. Sure, I've told him some stuff about my struggles with food and such, but it's not a topic up for discussion for the most part. It's the reason why I have a semi-anonymous blog. Yet, how can I expect him to understand what I'm going through if I never talk to him about it?

I think I need to rely on people in my day to day life, at least him, as well as y'all. He is my best why can't I use him for a support system?! Seems like a silly waste.


Dr. Wifey said...

my hubby is my greatest support system! i would NEVER ever ever ever tell him how much i weighed. however, i was featured in the newspaper several months back and they just had to put my weight in there. so now not only does hubby know how much i weigh, but so does the whole world! LOL it is just a number, after all, but one with such a stigma attached to it. another one of the deep-seeded psychological issues, right?

bbubblyb said...

I definitely think you should share with hubby. I think he definitely could be your greatest support. As for getting it, maybe he does more than you think.

Mark said...

Yes, the challenges. Sometimes when I don't think my wife will get it she does and vice versa....maybe worth a try? :)

The Happy Runner said...

Share share share!
It will bring you closer. It will help you with your struggles -- if not immediately, long term, definitely.

I'm like you, I didn't share for the longest time. Learned my lesson and have learned to share. We're way closer and stronger for it.

Natalia said...

Hey Diana,
I'm saying this from a place of understanding and love. When we try to hide our weight, that's another form of shame and guilt. You have nothing to feel bad about. The numbers on the scale, are just that, numbers. They don't make up who you are. Does that make sense? I think that it's great that you want to open up and share with your husband. He should be your biggest supporter on this journey. Guys do like to fix stuff. I just tell my husband up front, I don't want or expect you to fix this, I just want you to listen!!

Good luck with everything!!!

Tom Rooney said...

Maybe you could tell him about this blog and let him see what you write as well as the comments. He might even be able to put his thoughts in writing.