Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

My hubby did the sweetest thing Friday (yesterday)! He sent me flowers at work:

He also sent two cards. One from him (which I won't post here - too private and sweet) and one from our doggie. You have to realize - my dog is my child. She doesn't know she's not human - I don't know she's a dog some, ok, most of the works. Well, especially given how well she listen. Anyway, here was the outside (snoopy was my favorite when I was little!)

And, here is the inside:

See the doggie print as a signature? (he put her paw in purple stamper ink to "sign" it). How adorable! I was about in tears.
I hope your respective SO's made you as happy as mine did this week!
Have a great day! Happy Valentine's Day!
(Here's a pic of my baby dog)


Dr. Wifey said...

LOVE the flowers! irises are my fave :)

Diana said...

They're my new fav too :)

kristisummer said...

i love dogs. i have a baby too. but my husband didn't buy me a mommy card!

Natalia said...

Beautiful flowers and how cute about the dog. I know what you mean. Before we had our son we had our dog Sam and he was like our son! :) What a cute card. Your Hubby's a keeper!

MizFit said...

that is SO SWEET (and so my fave color of flowers as well. I love the purple).