Monday, June 9, 2008

Fast food goodness

I almost broke down and had fast food. It wasn't enough that I had pizza last night, but fast food in the a.m.!!! That's way back to bad, old habbits. Ugh. The thing is...I'm not sure that if I hadn't found a good parking spot I would have been good. I was already thinking: If I have to walk, then I may as well have yummy stuff to eat with me to console. Sad, I know. And, thank goodness for having an office where I stash healthier foods. The oatmeal saved my butt (literally :)

I know there are quite a few of us having slumps right now. What kind of stuff do y'all do to make yourself more motivated to keep on track? The Woman's challenge keeps me going for exercise, but I haven't found anything to keep all meals on track yet. Sometimes the mantra helps, sometimes the smaller clothes, but sometimes I give in lately.


Irish Mom said...

Thats a good question.... hmmmmm let me see. I try to use use positive thoughts and not beat myself up to bad. I have been in a slump myslef lately and am trying to overcome that. When I am doing good & sticking to my program and am tempted with someting bad, I ask myself is this worth all the sacrificing I have done? Or is it worth the exercise I have done? Most often its not, but sometimes it is lol.

I am glad the healthy Walkers Challenge works for you & keeps you motivated. It helps me to be accountable to other people. We'll have to think of something once its done. I'll check in with you tomorrow for the HYC weigh in!!