Sunday, June 29, 2008

ideal weight.

I realize that I'm not delicate flower (I'll never be a size 2...well, when I'm dead and gone for a while, but not while living), but I've been battling with what exactly I "should" weigh. Yes, I "should" be basing my progress by more than weight, but what an easy way to track it. If I'm truthful, then I'll admit that weight is more gratifying. It "shouldn't" be, but it is what it is.

I have yet to go to a doctor, but one web site told me that my ideal:

Ideal weight range is 158 - 173.8 lbs. (71.8 - 79 kg.).You are overweight by 35.2 lbs. (16 kg.).

Wow. 35.2 sounds like such a small amount. I'm 209 can it only be 35 lbs? They say someone who is 5'7" with a large frame will be in that range. Well, I think I'm setting that as my goal. If I hit it and I feel I need more, then I'll focus on that then. Yes, I did set small goals for myself, but they don't seem all that small when I know the big picture (50 more pounds). I don't know if I'll be happy at 173.8 (Like .8 counts when you have a dial scale), but I'm sure I'll feel better than I do now! So, bring on 173.8!!

So, for now, I'm setting my goal slightly closer. We'll worry about perfecting things later!

Dang. Looking at other charts, I think 163 is the upper limit for a large frame. Pooh on that. I think I'll "believe" the 173 and go from there later. (yes, I realize I'm being delusional. Sometimes a girl needs that.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Diana,

Spooky wooky woo!

A few hours ago I also blogged about my ideal weight and the constraints of weight charts that suggest I should weigh much less.

I am fascinated that you found a chart that actually allowed much higher flexibility for body frame as well and suggested 158 - 173 for a 5'7" person with a large build.

I'm slightly over 5'6" so this is giving me hope that the 150 - 170 lbs I have set for myself is not such a ridiculous idea ..... unfortunately most weight charts in magazines (and doctor's offices) and used by Weight Watchers make very little leeway for body frame, and they always suggest I need to weigh LESS than 150 lbs to reach "normal".

Those charts have been driving me mad all my life !!!

Best wishes,

amma15 said...

Hmmm 173 seems to be a generous number even if you are 5"7....but besides all that just think in terms of 10 pounds at a time instead of trying to digest that you need to lose some huge chunk!

BTW, I've added you to my blogroll!