Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It's a rough day for me (my mom's 1 year), but I'm ok. I just miss her. I'm actually grateful for today. I would not have wanted her to suffer for longer (she couldn't eat or drink anything for the month before). I was just thinking about it though, and it may explain the past week. I have to catch these things sooner for sure.

I'm the same, same, same. I sabbotaged myself again. Is it possible to make a seperate page on blogger where I can post what I'm eating? I know that the burger and fries yesterday afternoon and fried chicken and mac and cheese last night were not good. But, I think it was the almost bag of potato chips and dip I ate by myself on Sunday that really got to me (yes, there were also cheeseburgers). I'd like to have it online (maybe as a seperate blog...hmmm) so that I'm a little more accountable. I think seeing the number of calories would help nip it in the butt. Bud?

I did see good NSVs...I told you about my mom's ring, and my pants and shirts are fitting better. OOOH, and my butt is getting firm. I must've looked rediculous to my hubby when I was feeling my butt all day Sunday (that's when I noticed!). Heehee.
I've been doing either 60 run/120 jog on the eliptical with weights or I'll do the fit to strip videos. It/she has a great 30 minute calistetic type video that works your butt out like no other. I did the hip hop this morning...wow...I did it twice for 40 minutes. I don't feel sexier yet (I doubt I like like Carmen...maybe a floppy/uncoordinated/unflexible version), but I do feel stronger and a little more flexible. And, my hubby said the other day that he noticed that I look thinner. So, this week will be a new one...filled with calorie counting and being honest with myself.


Anonymous said...

So sorry about your mother. Losing a loved one is about the worst thing that can happen to you. Prayers for peace are coming your way.

Melzie said...

I've never lost a parent, but I've had multpiple miscarriages, and a still birth. So, I understand about the pain that comes from losing a family member. Many thoughts with you.

As for your question about another page. If you don't want to log your food on this one, make another blog (doesn't have to be listed) and link it here as your food journal. Then it's there, and you can keep track.

Good luck, think positive, and smile-- you're doing it, one step at a time!!

Fit to strip video, LOL!! That sounds like fun!!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to lose a loved one, but they are always with us. Grill the burger, lose the bread & oven roast those fries!

Diana said...

thanks for all the great words.

It's aerobic strip tease now that I look at it...the 2nd disk (the calistetics stuff) is fit to strip). It's fun...I haven't done the dirty stuff yet though (advanced or lap dancing), although I'm sure the hubby thinks I should have started there ;)

Gayla said...

You are in my thoughts today. I can't imagine what you must be feeling. I pray that God gives you strength and courage today and the days ahead.