Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

Thanks for all the good words about my mom's ring. It was the best NSV, and one that I didn't expect so soon. But, it has kicked my exercise and conscious eating into full gear. And, made me more aware of how much water I am (not) drinking. I cheated, like I always do, and the scale should be down on Tuesday. We'll see though...that dang thing likes to trick me sometimes!

So, friday the 13th :) I don't believe in all the superstitous stuff. But, I enjoy days like this (halloween favorite holiday). It adds to the mystery of life and the fun of scary movies!! I'm sure it's an adrenaline thing, but I can't get enough of them...except right before bed. That's always a bad idea...I'm a brave little wimp. Zombie movies are my favorite most of the time., but I like the thriller ones too. Are any of you out there fellow scary movie fans? What are your favories, or for you out there that don't like them...what ones won't you see again?


Journo June aka MamaBear said...

I love scary movies and it's something the whole family shares. Hubby, the two adult children and I went to opening day of The Happening. M. Night is one of our favorites. One movie that actually made me scream out loud was Gothika. What Lies Beneath is one of my faves. Sixth Sense, too. I like the psychological thriller.
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